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François Fleurantin

François Fleurantin , son of Mr. Charles Fleurantin, and his wife née Léore Magloire was born in Cap Haitian on February 8, 1941. He was arrested during the month of July 1969 in Port-au-Prince in a neighborhood called Cadet City by Colonel “macoute” Gérard Louis. François had taken refuge at the home of his sister Marie Fleurantin because of the anti-communist repression in effect at that time. François was denounced by his cousin Toussaint Magloire, chauffeur of Col Gérard Louis, who was sent to Cap Haitian to terrorize the student community.

Joseph Paul-Emile Magloire

Joseph Paul-Emile Magloire was born on January 15,1935 in Quartier-Morin, commune of the district of Cap-Haitien, where he completed his primary and secondary studies. He received a law degree from the Faculte de Droit (Law School) in Port-au-Prince. He was arrested on August 27, 1963 at the National Bank of the Republic of Haiti where he was working, by Harry Tassy, Elois Maitre and Luc Desir, the damned alter egos of the tyrant Francois Duvalier. The brother of the victim, Achilles, Derion Magloire, put his life at risk, and undertook in vain multiples initiatives towards certain influential members of the sanguinary regime. Paul-Emile, as he was called by members of the family, was taken away forever from the love of his parents and his friends.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------De Jacques Magloire

A: Fordi9

The above photographs, courtesy of Jacques Magloire, himself a victim of the Duvaliers’ repression, were prepared to grace the Fort-Dimanche’s museum gallery, which unfortunately were short-lived. The coup d'etat of September 1990 had thrown the country in chaos. After seeing on the internet the list - still partial - of the victims of Duvaliers’ tyranny, I deemed necessary to extend my humble contribution to this noble project, so useful to posterity, by sending these photographs with a text.


Maurice Bourdeau

Maurice was arrested on April 26, 1971, the day of Francois Duvalier’s funeral. It is reported that his eighty-six-year-old mother, threw water after the funeral cortege had passed in front of her house. In Haitian folklore, this gesture is done to chase away unwanted spirits and to clear the air from evil. Her action was reported to the Militia headquarters. Shortly thereafter, the house of Mme Bourdeau was invaded and searched by a commando of “Macoutes.” Maurice, who was playing cards with several friends in the backyard, was taken away and was never to be seen again.

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