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Cpt. Chenon Michel

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Born on November 01, 1910, Retired at the rank of Captain, Chenon Michel spent two years of his career (1939 - 1941) as an instructor in the Military Academy. He was known as an excellent trainer with such enthusiastic personality that he was capable during the maneuvers of keeping
the morale of the entire troop and stimulating every single soldier.

He was accused in August of 1961 of plotting with another retiree, Lt
Colonel Ernst Biamby, to assassi-nate Duvalier, and to replace him by a priest named Father Georges himself a former Secretary of Education under Duvalier. Capt Chenon Michel and Lt Colonel Ernst Biamby were arrested and court-martialed in January 1962.

Found guilty of the charges brought again them by the military tribunal, they were condemned to the Death penalty but the sentence was not carried out. They were eventually released.

Several others who were accused of being part of the plot were also arrested, and interrogated. The son of Lucien Lafontant died under torture. Many took refuge in different embassy before leaving the country.

Lt Colonel Biamby went into exile shortly after his release but Capt Chenon Michel stayed in the country, and resumed a normal life. He disappeared on April 26, 1963, during the mass arrest and massacre that took place on that day, after the kidnapping attempt on Jean Claude Duvalier on his way to College Bird High School.

Captain Chenon left behind several children. One of his sons Smark Michel, became Secretary of Commerce and later Prime Minister under the Aristide's government, but resigned not long after.

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