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Past Honoree
Mrs. Lucette Ambroise
née Lafontant

She was the sister of Monsignor Joseph Lafontant, Bishop of Port-Au-Prince. She was married to Jean-Jacques Dessalines Ambroise, a well-known educator and co-founder of the communist party PPLN (Parti Populaire de La Liberation Nationale). On August 3, 1965, Duvalier's henchmen - Elois Maitre (chief of the Secret Police of Duvalier), Lt. Gregoire Figaro, Lt. Edouard Guillot - invaded her residence , in search of her husband. At that moment Alix Ambroise was waiting for his cousin Jean-Jacques who was mentoring Alix's son Rudy. The Duvalier henchmen proceeded with the arrest of every one in the house including Jean Jacques whom they met on their way out. Lt. Gregoire Figaro brutally dragged Jean-Jacques into the trunk of a car headed for Police Headquarters. Still in his teens, Rudy Ambroise, was released when Jean Jacques was captured, but his father Alix spent several hours under custody. He was interrogated by Lt. Son Tassy and later released without being tortured. Lucette, who was seven months pregnant, was never to be seen again. She was allegedly killed on the same day.

Special Thanks to:
Nathalie Brisson Lamaute
a victim herself of the Duvaliers. Her father Alix Lamothe and her uncle Gerald Brisson perished under the regime of Papa Doc. She also suffered the
loss of another uncle, Richard Brisson in January 1982. Fordi9 will publish in the coming weeks the documentation received from Nathalie regarding her family members and a bio of Lionel Loubeau who perished in Fort-Dimanche. We apologize for having mispelled the name of her father in gallery 8. The correction was made with the correct spelling Lamaute instead of Lamothe. Thanks again Nathalie.
Special Thanks to:
Mrs. Chantal Hyppolite for the photo of her father Chenon Michel that we added to our page


Mrs. Lucette Ambroise
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