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The Chronicle is developed on the web as a virtual monument to memorialize the thousands of forgotten victims of the Duvaliers. The story of these victims is a matter of record that underscores the value of their lives and their untimely deaths. We need to document those events for posterity, so that future generations can learn about their history.

Those of us who witnessed and survived the repressive machine of the Duvaliers' dictatorship have a moral obligation to first immortalize the victims, then to erect in their honor a living memorial, similar to those dedicated to the Holocaust and war veterans throughout the world. Fort-Dimanche, the physical site and symbol of the horrors of that repressive era, was ironically destroyed in 1994-1995 under the government of Jean Bertrand Aristide, instead of being transformed into a museum, as expected.

With your collaboration this project will no longer be a dream; it will be a reality. Please send us names, photos and information on all known victims of the years 1957-1986.

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The chronicle recognizes the thousands of individuals who, under the regime of both Duvaliers, were unjustifiably stripped of their undeniable rights and/or deprived unreasonably of their civil liberties. Many of these victims were incarcerated and subjected to physical and mental torture without cause or due process. Many others were forced into exile and a great number disappeared, were killed in Fort- Dimanche or elsewhere, or died as a direct consequence of the terrors of this oppresive regime. Among them, you will find the names of many well-known individuals who ironically fell prey to the horrors of the Duvalier era, despite their initial involvement or affiliation with the masterminds or architects of the same regime that eventually crushed them. Nonetheless, they were victims as well.
"PA BLIE" (Don't Forget): The Forgotten Organization 
On April 26, 1986, 2 months after the the downfall of Jean-Claude Duvalier, a group of concerned citizens organized a march that ended in front of Fort Dimanche to honor and pay respect to the thousands who perished there. Family members of thousands of victims peacefully demanded that the Fort be turned over to the people and converted into a museum or memorial. The Army opened fire and killed Fred Coriolan, an active member of the group. n May 1987, after months of discusion, more than 50 survivors of the regime signed the by-laws of an organization called "Pa Blié" for the purpose of documenting the atrocities of the Duvalier regime. Their slogan "Bay kou blie, pote mak songe" characterized their threefold mission of

1) establishing a museum;
2) developing a park where each tree would be dedicated to a specific victim; and
3) enact into law April 26 as the " Haitian Anti-Repression Day."

"Pa blie" collected hundreds of historical photographs and artifacts related to this repressive era and shared them with the public at several exhibits. This movement has been silent in recent past and unfortunately no apparent effort is being made to give the victims their earned legacy.
It is our hope that this chronicle, though virtual, will revive their efforts and serve as a fitting steppingstone to an actual memorial that the victims so deserve. 

What almost was…
Fort Dimanche soon to become a museum…
On January 31, 1991, the newly elected mayor of Port-au-Prince, Evans Paul announced in a press conference that Fort Dimanche, the symbol of repression and torture of the Duvalier regime, will be transformed into a museum. It was at that infamous dungeon that most political opponents to the regime were incacerated. Mayor Evans Paul announced that all instruments of torture will be put in display to better educate our future generations of such horrors.

Fort-Dimanche - what remains today…
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