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Colonel Kesner Blain  

Col. Kesner Blain

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Col. Kesner Blain.
April 21, 1920 - February 17, 1976.

He graduated from the Haitian Military School in September 1945. In 1950 he was Adjutant of the Military Department in the South of Haiti. From there he went to several other military quarters - such as La Gonave, Les Cayes, Aquin. Ouanaminthe, L’Artibonite - Cap Haitian in 1953, and Gonaives in 1954. Bainet, Jeremie, Port de Paix in 1955-57.

In 1957 he was at the Police Department of Port au Prince and shortly thereafter at the district of Petion Ville. In 1958 he became Commandant of the Penitentiary National. Defending the Duvalier government, he almost lost his life during the Casernes Dessalines’ takeover by the former army lieutenants Alix Pasquet, Philipe Dominique, and Henry Perpignan on July 29, 1958, assisted by seven recruited American fighters.

Major Blain was severely wounded during the attack. Promoted to Lt. Colonel he became commandant of the Military Dept of the North in 1961. In 1963 he was promoted to Colonel. In 1966 he was put in charge of the Army Warehouse.He later became member of the Army Headquarters, G1 until he was arrested at his residence on April 3, 1970, several days before the Cayard Affair erupted. He was court-martialed in Casernes Dessalines’ barrack and

condemned on March 3, 1971 to the death penalty for his implication in the Colonel Cayard Affair. He was sent to Fort Dimanche with several other members of the Police Headquarters also condemned to death, among them Sgt. Douyon, Cpl. Melenas, and Sgt Cajuste. Several civilians were also implica-ted and sent to Fort Dimanche: Marcel Laforet, Guy Vaval, Fernand Prosper, among others.

Their sentence was reduced in 1972 to 10 years of imprisonment, which in fact had no meaning because it would have been impossible to live that long in Fort Dimanche. During his incarceration Colonel Blain earned the respect of his cellmates and the entire prison population for refusing any favors from the jailer Adjutant Enos Saint Pierre (Plop Plop).

He insisted upon being treated just like any other prisoner even when the prison conditions were taking their toll on him. He made several attempts requesting medical assistance or food for his cellmates. He died on February 17, 1976 in cell 3. The prisoners of the nine other cells paid respect to his memory by holding long prayer sessions for the repose of his soul.
Col. Kesner Blain photo and some historical facts were taken from the book "Dictionnaire Biographique des Person-nalités Politiques de la République d'Haïti " by Daniel Supplice.



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