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Herns J. Renoit's Book
"L'Invasion Du 20 Mai 1968 au Cap-Haitien"
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Herns J. Renoit

Herns J. Renoit, one of the rare survivors of the military invasion planned against Duvalier by the New York based opposition “Coalition Haitienne” on May 20, 1968 in Cap-Haitian. Herns Renoit severely wounded several days later in a small community called Sainte Suzanne, during a clash with the Casernes Dessalines’ soldiers sent in the region to wipe out the invaders.

Captured by a peasant, Herns J. Renoit was taken half dead to the town of Valliere where Dr. Ange-Marie Gousse fed him and gave him the first medical assistance needed before sending him to Cap Haitian’s hospital for intensive care. After a brief sojourn, he was transferred on a military plane to Port-au-Prince with a bucket containing Gerard Bovil’s head, one of his misfortune comrades killed several days before.

Herns was carried on a stretcher to the National Palace to be interrogated by Duvalier himself. He was sent to the Port au Prince’s Military hospital for treatment, and special care for his broken left wrist. But two months later during a medical examination conducted by Dr. Guillaume and Dr Jean Verly, Herns was induced with anesthesia by the latest and when he got up the next day, he realized that his left arm was amputated above the elbow.

Several weeks later, he was sent to the National Penitentiary with Philocles Almanor who suffered the amputation of his left leg. (Filo) also participated in the May 20 invasion and survived a clash in Grand Riviere du Nord with the soldiers during which Herman Blot was killed. Philocles was sent to Cap Haitian and them transferred by plane to Port-au-Prince with a bucket containing Herman Blot’s head, a practice for which Duvalier was well known.

Herns J. Renoit spent 9 years between Fort Dimanche and the Haitian Penitentiary. Released in 1977, he published his testimonial, "L'Invasion du 20 mai 1968 au Cap-Haitien" in 2004, hoping to shed light on the invasion and other circumstances surrounding that era. To paraphrase Dr. Gerard Campfort : Without doubt his book will raise issues that might create some discomfort among many involved in this invasion.

L'Invasion du 20 Mai 1968
au Cap-Haitien

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Book Available


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