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I'd rather say this was very educational and informative for those of us who were very young at that time and Iwas not quite aware of what was going on in our country.Thank you".
J. Robert Obas
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1963. A
EditRegion1nother traumatizing year for the Haitian people. Acts of political repression, arson and murder  instigated by President Duvalier's merciless Tonton Macoutes,  increased exponentially to the extent that theUnited States naval force stood at alert in international waters off Haiti, ready to evacuate the American living there when the situation deteriorated further. During the early hours of one April morning, Jean was summoned by a group of the Duvalier henchmen to step out of his house and told his wife Winifred to stay put inside.  Jean went out and, according to one of versions, was immediately executed by a shot in the head. An ambulance came right after and picked up his body, which was never recovered, nor given back to his grieving family.  Jean's widow Winifred Mason escaped to the US embassy in Haiti and returned back to New York. She continued to create and sell their Chenet D' Haiti jewelry. 

More info with an interview of Jacques Chenet one of Jean's brother.




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Bibliography and sources:

Note 1: Bibliography of General Paul Eugene Magloire by Dr. Raymond Bernadin, page 229 (the 1950 Constitution and the political dilemma that existed in 1956), and page 271:
{Ceux qui l’approchaient dans leur démarches, afin d’organiser la lutte contre le duvaliérisme destructeur, recevaient certes tout l’encouragement nécessaire.}{Those who approach him in their efforts to organize the fight against the destructive Duvalierist government indeed received all the encouragement they needed}

Note 2: Page 214, Genèse d’une République Héréditaire by Maurepas Auguste

Note 3. All eight men were acting as tourists in the area of Montruis and Kyona Beach. They had their swimming trunks while on the beach. But at night, they were placing weapons in a small cabin own by a rich mulatto businessman called Robert Nadal, without his knowledge. [The beach property where the boat was did belong to Mr. Nadal] As reported by Carl Fonbrum in his news radio editorial of 21 March 2004.

Note 4: Name of the Tap-Tap pick up truck was “Ma Douce Clairmène, Malgré Tout, Dieu Maître”
[Tap-Tap = Privately owned public conveyance transportation like a mini-bus]

Note 5: The three former Haitian officers were dressed in their Haitian Army uniform.

Note 6: In Haiti, the Army also functioned as the police force throughout the country at that time.

Note 7: At the same time, the group leader “Sonson” Pasquet had 16 friends in Miami who were getting weapons and ammunition for 150 brave young men. The weapons and ammunition were to be placed on board a plane in the Dominican Republic which would then be flown to Haiti. Their bad luck was that a custom inspector in Miami stopped them.
As reported by Carl Fonbrum in his news radio editorial of 21 March 2004.

Note 8: According to Diederich, it was Perpignan who sent for the cigarettes.

Note 9: This was to respond to machine gun fire coming from a window of the Casernes that covered the area of the Dessalines Mosoleum.

Note 10: One of the white men, Arthur Payne, age 34, a deputy sheriff in Miami-Dade County, had received a bullet in the kidney (at Délugé). [This information about the kidney wound has not been verified by eyewitnesses of the time and seems to come from the télé-diol.]

Note 11: An eyewitness of that time reports that by 6 AM, the Ministry of the Interior was distributing weapons to anyone who showed up to defend Duvalier.

Haiti Observateur, La Marche du Temps, 10 August 1979
Papa Doc, a book by Al Burt and Bernard Diederich
Leaders of Haiti by Max Manigat.
Translation from Creole of Carl Fonbrum’s radio editorial of 21 March 2004.
Notes and Interviews with relatives and friends who lived through these events of 1958.
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Fordi 9


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