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Hector Riobé
Photo scanned from Dr Gerard Boyer book's -Album Souvenir.
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Colonel Max Deetjen, one of the most popular and capable officers of the Haitian Army, was murdered at Hinche in November 1961, by the local macoute headman.

Hector Riobe -
Hector father's, Andre Riobe, a well-known businessman and owner of large sugar cane plantations in Leogane, disappeared in the early sixties after receiving a large sum of money from HASCO (Haitian American Sugar Company). The alleged killer of Riobe, Captain Frank Romain had taken possession of items belonging to the Riobe's, among them a Vauxhall, a Mercedes and some of the family jewelry. It is said that Romain's wife was seen with some of the Riobe's jewelry at her daughter's wedding. It is believed that Andre Riobe's son Hector not only witnessed the assassination of his father, but he was forced to dig the hole where his father's body was eventually dumped. No light was ever shed on this matter during the Duvaliers or the governments that succeeded them.


From the Guest Book.
I'd rather say this was very educational and informative for those of us who were very young at that time and I was not quite aware of what was going on in our country.Thank you.
J.Robert Obas


Ronald Aubour, Brooklyn, NY. Letter to the Editor of the "The Haitian Times" published April 5-11, 2000

As a young boy growing up in Haiti, I was unaware of the terror that the dictatorship was inflicting on its people. Not because I could not see nor hear, but for my sake, I was forced to be deaf and blind…I attended a book signing of the French version of Fort Dimanche, Dungeon of Death. Finally after reading the book, I had an idea what may have happened to my cousin at Fort Dimanche.
This book will serve as testimony to a dark, brutal era in Haitian history. I second the suggestion of your paper that this book is a must read for Haitian American who may have only heard about Haiti under the Duvaliers.
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