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Valentin Josmat Among the 19 officers executed by Duvalier in Fort Dimanche in 1967
Valerie Samsom
Vassseau Rifla FD
Vaval Guy - He was married to Colonel Jean Thomas' sister. Spent more than 5 years in Fort Dimanche - Released in December 1976 but he did not survive long after.
Vernelus Denoz
Vernet Riyand
Victomé Néfort
Victomé Théophile ( Blanc) From Casale. He was sixteen or seventenn years old when he was arrested. He spent close to five years in Fort-Dimannche, cell #5. Sick he requested medical assistance from the prison's guardians for months but he never received even an aspirin. He died on January 2, 1975.
Vieux Antonio
Vieux Didier
Vieux Paul
Vil Edner
Viledrouin Frantz
Viledrouin Guy
Viledrouin Roger
Vilfort Joseph
Villedrouin Guslet
Villedrouin Lise
villedrouin Mme Chénier
Villedrouin Mme Guy
Villedrouin Mme Victor
villedrouin Mms Fernande
Vilson, Jean
Vincent Max
Vital Pierre Michel Born in Jeremie - Arrested in Port au Prince where he was studying. Interrogated and accused of being a communist by General Breton Claude and Emmanuel Orcel. He was sent to Fort Dimanche to die but he was released a couple years later. He went straight back to his home town to isolate himself. But shortly after he was once more arrested, interrogated by the same officers who sent him once more to Fort Dimanche. Pierre Michel fought until the last minute, hoping to get out alive, but he died in February 1976 in cell #6
Volcy Romulus
Voltaire André
Voltaire Paul
Vye Tig
Wadestrandt Jacques Member of Jeune Haiti - See gallery 6
Washington Durena Cost Guard member - Spent 5 years in Fort-Dimanche and died on October 16, 1974
Weiner Jean-Pierre
Wellington Elie Son of a Jamaican citizen leaving in Port-au-Prince. Elie was first incarcerated in Casernes Dessalines for a period of six months. He was then transferred to Fort-Dimanche and placed in cell 2 where he died on October 1976. He was accused of being a communist.
Whanita Marrat Born Lilavois Daughter of Colonel Henri Clermont
Wilson Guy
Zéphir Laken
Zéphir Armand
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