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Daccueil Cuelo FD
Daccueil Horace
Daniel Henry Claude FD
Dask Joseph
David Henry Claude
David Laine
Deetz Morton
Degazon Fritz Fort Dimanche - Cell #5
Delile Jacques
Delva Raphael Fort Dimanche
Denis Arche
Denis Pierre
Derisie Cadeau Jean
Désir André
Désir Jean Robert
Desravines Antoine
Desrosiers Gaveau
Desulmé Maurice Thomas Desulmé's son - Died between 1959-1965
Desulmé Roland Same than his brother.
Desulmé Thomas Expelled in the early years of Duvalier's regime. He suffered also the lost of one of his daugther's in-law. (Raymonde).He spent many years in exile and returned to Haiti after the ouster of Duvalier.
Destin William Arrested in St Marc. Tortured then released to die of his wounds.
Destouches Daloze
Destouches Jean Paul
Dimanche Dimanche, in cell 7
Dominique Max
Dominique Thomas Alias (Popo) Fort Dimanche - Cell 6
Donatien Serge Dato.
Donneur Paul
Dorneval Clotaire Fort Dimanche - Cell #5
Dorval Lhérisson
Dorval Roberson
Dougé Pierre Elie.A Arrested on April 26, 1963 - He was never to be seen again.
Dougé Rossini Same fate than his brother Pierre ( testimonial from family members will soon be inserted)
Drouin Louis
Duchatelier Edwin Mrs
Duchatelier Maurice
Ducheine Ronald
Duchemin Ronald FD
Duclairon Vénèque
Dufresne Dorvil
Dulorier Philipe Fort Dimanche - Cell #5
Dumont André
Dupuis Nouille Hubert
Dupuy Albert Arrested by Donald Manigat and Jean Tassy. Interrogated by Luc Désir
Duré Sidonie From (Vallée de Jacmel) Spent time incarcerated in Fort-Dimanche
Dusquesne Ovède
Duval Jean Claude Fort Dimanche - Cell #9 - Arrested while going to work on December 20,1971- Interrogated by General Breton Claude and Emmanuel Orcel - Spent two years in solitary confinement at Casernes Dessalines and transferred to Fort- Dimanche on January 10, 1974. He died on December 6, 1976
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