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Rameau Mario
Rateau Clerveaux Esq Arrested in November 1959
Raymond Bertrand
Raymond Gasner
Rebeca Anous
Rene Franex
Richard Lucien
Richard Lucien
Riché Willemain
Rigaud Dr Georges
Rigaud Henri
Rigaud Roland one of the 13
Rigaud Yanick Killed summer of 1969
Rimpel Gladyse same fate than her Mother Yvone
Rimpel Haquin Yvone Journalist. Kidnapped by the Cagoulards in Jan 1958. Beaten, sexually abused, and abandoned in the middle of the night without clothes. Among the well-known Cagoulards: Monrode Philipe, Lucien Chauvet- Andre Gourege - Clement Barbot-
Rimpel Roger Arrested in April, 1964 by Luc Désir in "Sans-Fil". Never to be seen again.
Rimpel Rosemay  
Riobe Andre Disappeared in 63
Riobe Hector Killed in Kenscoff
Robert Jean
Roc Georges
Roc Mme
Roland Anthony
Romain Rene
Rosanieck Joseph
Rossini Timothé
Rousseau Roger Dr. Killled in 1959
Roy Edouard
Roy Jean Louis
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