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Badette, Laurette Spent time in the Penitenciary National - Released on Sept 21, 1977
Bafard, Henry Journalist, died in Fort Dimanche in September 1976 in cell #6
Bain, Alex  
Bajeux, Albert  
Bajeux, Anne Marie  
Bajeux, Joseph  
Bajeux, Joseph Albert  
Bajeux, Lise Montasse  
Bajeux, Maxime  
Bajeux, Micheline  
Bajeux, Mrs Gaston
Baleux, Guy
Balu, Etienne
Bance, Lionel Disappeared on April 26, 1963 last seen at PAP Airport on that day.
Bano, Julien
Baptistain, Hora  
Baptiste Fred Spent 3 years in Fort Dimanche. Sick for a long time, died in cell #5 Junior St Louis, a macoute hougan who was also spending jail time
Baptiste Rene  
Baptiste, Constant  
Baptiste, Josette  
Baptiste, Renel  
Barberouse Elysée  
Barberouse Serge
Barbot, Clement
Barbot Ernest
Barbot, Henri
Baroulette Pages
Baroulette Roland
Barthelemy Mr
Barthelemy Mrs
Bastien Rosette
Baudet Fritz Spent 2 years in Solitary confinment at Casernes Dessalines and transferred to Fort Dimanche on January 10, 1974 - He died in 1975 - He served in the Cost Guard and he was the ordonance of Col Octave Caillard.
Bauvil André
Bazile, Alphonse
Bazelais, Colonel Max Arrested in 1973 with several others retired officers. Interogated by Col Breton Claude and Capt Emmanuel Orcel. Sent to Fort-Dimanche and spent less than a year in cell #5. He was transferred in July 1974 while quite ill to the National Penitenciary. Released a few months later to die shorlty there after..
Beauboeuf, Jean Officier Duvaliériste – Il perd la vie assez drôlement. Les rumeurs laissent croire, qu'il aurait mis fin à ses jours, pour ne pas tomber en vie, entre les mains de la machine répressive, à la suite d’un ordre d’arrestation lancé contre lui.
Beauville, Gerard
Beliard, Remy  
Béliard Carlo
Béliard Guy
Bellevue Jean-Robert Fort Dimanche
Belliard Rémy
Bellman Max Paul
Bence Rudner
Benjamin Jacques (Trou du Nord) Vanished Sept 1967
Benoit (Mother of Francois) Benoit (18-month-old son of Francois Benoit) taken away by the Duvalier's macoutes and brought to the National Palace before the Benoit family house was set afire. Still missing.
Benoit (père de Francois )
Bernadin Guy
Bernadin Jean Claude Cireron
Bernard Numa
Bernard Tannier
Bernier Beauvais
Bertrand Jean
Bertrand Jean
Bertresse Jean Baptiste
Bien Aimé André Fort Dimanche 1976, cell #5
Bien-Aimé Mme
Bien-Aimé Renel
Bisrette Georges
Blain Kesner Fort Dimanche - Colonel - Dead at Fort Dimanche
Blanc Antoine
Blanc Paul Fort Dimanche 1976
Bonro Chery
Bouchereau Amédé
Bouchereau Jean
Bouciquot Jean Claude Fort Dimanche
Brière Eric
Brière Gérald
Brière Guy
Briette Phillipe
Briolli Joseph
Brisson Gérald Jun-69
Buron Nolly Fort Dimanche 1976
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