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For a plate of rice…
Panthel Etienne of Dâme-Marie was a restaurant owner who innocently served two members of the revolutionary group "Jeune Haiti" that invaded the country for the purpose of liberating the Haitian people from the terrors of Papa Doc in 1964. During the repression that followed the invasion, Etienne was arrested, accused of conspiracy and summarily executed for selling a plate of rice!

The Chronicle is developed on the web as a virtual monument to memorialize the thousands of forgotten victims of the Duvaliers. The story of these victims is a matter of record that underscores the value of their lives and their untimely deaths. We need to document those events for posterity, so that future generations can learn about their history.
April 26, 1963.

Frederic San Millan
Président of Tour Guide Association of Port-au- Prince.

On April 26, 1963, the rumors that a commando shot at Duvalier's son had already made their rounds. The government radio Station, Radio Commerce, already blasting the popular song "Di fe den kaill la" (Fire in the house), indicating trouble in town but the government having control of the events. Schools and businesses started closing down. Frederic San Milllan left his house with a chauffeur around 10:30 that morning for the Airport to meet some other members of the association to evaluate the situation and make the necessary schedule adjustments. While talking right in front of the Airport to Lionel Bance one of the members, "Ti Cabiche" another member of the Association, approached them and proceeded to arrest them. "Ti Cabiche" brother of Elois Maitre who was the head of Francois Duvalier's secret police took off with them on his limousine and they were never to be seen again. The next day "Ti Cabiche", took over the presidency of the Association.

"PA BLIE" (Don't Forget): The Forgotten Organization…
On April 26, 1986, 2 months after the the downfall of Jean-Claude Duvalier, a group of concerned citizens organized a march that ended in front of Fort Dimanche to honor and pay respect to the thousands who perished there. Family members of thousands of victims peacefully demanded that the Fort be turned over to the people and converted into a museum or memorial. The Army opened fire and killed Fred Coriolan, an active member of the group.

In May 1987, after months of discusion, more than 50 survivors of the regime signed the by-laws of an organization called "Pa Blié" for the purpose of documenting the atrocities of the Duvalier regime. Their slogan "Bay kou blie, pote mak songe" characterized their threefold mission of 1) establishing a museum; 2) developing a park where each tree would be dedicated to a specific victim; and 3) enact into law April 26 as the " Haitian Anti-Repression Day." "Pa blie" collected hundreds of historical photographs and artifacts related to this repressive era and shared them with the public at several exhibits. This movement has been silent in recent past and unfortunately no apparent effort is being made to give the victims their earned legacy.

It is our hope that this chronicle, though virtual, will revive their efforts and serve as a fitting steppingstone to an actual memorial that the victims so deserve.