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Col. Henri Clermont April 26, 1963. Col. Henri Clermont found himself trapped by a merciless group of thugs,. He was taken away with his wife Juanita Jimenez, his daughter Juanita Clermont Marrat, and his grand son Jean Marc Lilavois. Click here for more on Colonel Henri Clermont Affair -

Charles Turnier
Army officer arrested and led by Colonel Octave Cayard to Francois Duvalier. Turnier was interrogated by the latest on the same day in the National Palace. It is said that Duvalier slapped in the face Officer Turnier who retaliated by spitting on Duvalier's face. The next day, the town was awaken by gun fires and later the government, announced that Officer Turnier was shot to death following an attempt to escape the prison barracks of Casernes Dessalines where he was held for questioning.

Capt. Alfred V. Forbin
Father of Charles Henri Forbin, one of the 13 members of the group "Jeune Haiti"


Col. Charles Joseph Lemoine Military Commander in Chief of the North Department, under suspicion of conspiring against the government, he was transferred to a southern town in May 1967. A few days later, he was summoned to the Palace where Duvalier reassured him that he was being returned to the North in the same capacity with his support and trust. Shortly thereafter, he was transferred once again, but this time to Fort Dimanche to be executed. On June 8, 1967, Charles Lemoine and eighteen other officers were executed by a firing squad composed of nineteen senior officers including the Army Chief, General Gerald Constant, and Colonel Max Dominique, son-in-law of Duvalier, who was at the time the prime suspect of the plot. With a macoutes submachine gun at their backs to ensure that they completed their assigned task, the nineteen senior officers were handed a rifle with one round in the chamber and under the command of Duvalier himself were ordered to fire.


Lt. Philippe Dominique March 12, 1921 - July 29, 1958 - Brother of Jean Dominique - He participated in the first military invasion that took place in July 28, 1959 to put a stop to the Duvalier's government that already had shown its true color.

Lt. Alix Pasquet- Killed July 29, 1958 in Casernes Dessalines during the first military invasion again Duvalier.

Henry Perpignand Killed during the first military invasion again Duvalier. July 29, 1958

Ilkin Chenet

Col.. Albert Poitven April 26, 1964 - Retired Colonel Poitvien upon leaving his house in Canape Vert, on that day, was stopped at a roadblock. Mme Raoul Degan a well-known macoute, approached him and shot him in cold blood, while he was still seating behind the wheel of his Wolkswagen.

Lt. Lionel Fouchard April 26, 1963 - Officer from the Coast Guard, he was getting out from his car to identify himself at a roadblock in front of Colonel Gracia Jacques' residence at Ruelle StCyr. One of the soldiers opened fired and killed Lionel on 26 April 1963 .

Col.Hamilton Garout Jan 02, 1920 - Apr 26, 1964 -

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