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Lucette Ambroise
(née Lafontant)
She was the sister of Monsignor Joseph Lafontant, Bishop of Port-Au-Prince. She was married to Jean-Jacques Dessalines Ambroise, a well-known educator and co-founder of the communist party PPLN (Parti Populaire de La Liberation Nationale). On August 3, 1965, Duvalier's henchmen - Elois Maitre (chief of the Secret Police of Duvalier), Lt. Gregoire Figaro, Lt. Edouard Guillot - invaded her residence , in search of her husband. At that moment Alix Ambroise was waiting for his cousin Jean-Jacques who was mentoring Alix's son Rudy. The Duvalier henchmen proceeded with the arrest of every one in the house including Jean Jacques whom they met on their way out. Lt. Gregoire Figaro brutally dragged Jean-Jacques into the trunk of a car headed for Police Headquarters. Still in his teens, Rudy Ambroise, was released when Jean Jacques was captured, but his father Alix spent several hours under custody. He was interrogated by Lt. Son Tassy and later released without being tortured. Lucette, who was seven months pregnant, was never to be seen again. She was allegedly killed on the same day.
.Clément Jumelle
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Feared even in death…
A candidate in the 1957 presidential elections, Clement Jumelle soundly accused the Army of rigging the elections' outcome in favor of Francois Duvalier.

Frederic San Millan
Président of Tour Guide Association of Port-au- Prince. On April 26, 1963, the rumors that a commando shot at Duvalier's son had already made their rounds. The government radio Station, Radio Commerce, already blasting the popular song "Di fe den kaill la" (Fire in the house), indicating trouble in town but the government having control of the events. Schools and businesses started closing down. Frederic San Milllan left his house with a chauffeur by 10h30 that morning for the Airport to meet some other members of the association to evaluate the situation and make the necessary schedule adjustments. While talking right in front of the Airport to Lionel Bance one of the members, "Ti Cabiche" another member of the Association, approached them and proceeded to arrest them. "Ti Cabiche" brother of Elois Maitre who was the head of Francois Duvalier's secret police took off with them on his limousine and they were never to be seen again. The next day "Ti Cabiche", took over the presidency of the Association.

Jean Jacques Dessalines Ambroise
Born on September 7, 1923, he was a renowned professor at many colleges in Port-au-Prince and leader of the Communist Party PPLN (Parti Populaire pour la Liberation Nationale.). He was arrested on August 3, 1965 and locked in the truck of a car by Lt. Gregoire Figaro who then took him to the police department. He was interrogated and tortured by Capt. Jean Tassy and Elois Maitre and sent to a cell where he died on the same day.

Gérald Brisson
In the struggle against the dictatorship of Francois Duvalier, he was betrayed by one of his comrades, Frank Essalenne (Charli). On June 2, 1969, Gerald was assassinated in Delmas in a surprised attack launched by the army in the house where he was staying. Everyone in the house got killed in the process.

Fred Baptiste
Originally from Jacmel (major city in the South of Haiti), he was known as a fierce opponent of the Duvalier regime who dedicated his entire life to ending the dictatorship. His struggle was punctuated by several attempts to overthrow the administration, which ended with his arrest in April 1970. Incarcerated in Fort-Dimanche since then, he later died on July 19, 1975, cell 1.

Frederick Emmanuel



Hubert Legros, Esq.
Civil rights advocate and a fierce opponent of the Duvalier dictatorship since its inception. He spent the majority of the regime either underground or in jail. He also spent many years at the National Penitentiary and the last 3 years of his life in Fort-Dimanche where he died on December 19, 1975 in cell 6. He left behind a wife and four children.

Guy Lomini

Eddy Petit
Originally from Cap-Haitian (the 2nd largest city after Port-au-Prince), he was an accomplished man who studied in Haiti as well as Europe. In the mid 60’s. Upon completing his education, he returned to the country with the hope of infiltrating the masses to lead them to freedom. His efforts never materialized, for he was arrested in Petite Rivière and executed in Port-Au-Prince on June 1st, 1969.

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