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Bay kou blye, pote mak sonje

Frank Simon

Franck Simon, was born on February 22, 1910. He was known to be an honest businessman who retired from an executive position at the Royal Bank of Canada. He later managed his own business in Croix Bossale, a busy commercial area of downtown Port au Prince. He was married to Raymonde Dominique, one of Jean and Philipe Dominique’s sisters. Frank would stop every day at Ruelle Cameau at the family house to spend time with his mother, Elia Dupont Simon. On April 26, 1963, the day of the kidnapping attempt on Jean Claude Duvalier, a day known as a day of terror, Frank Simon left his office earlier than usual. The general panic following the kidnapping attempt on Jean-Claude Duvalier on his way to school had forced all businesses and schools to close. Upon leaving his mother’s house at around 2h30 p.m. as he was getting into his car and saying good bye to her, he was snatched by a group of Tonton Macoutes, the Duvaliers thugs. Frank was never to be seen again.


Mrs. Frank Dominique Simon. Sister of Philipe Dominique killed in 1958 during a military invasion against Duvalier.
and Jean Dominique assassinated under the Preval/Aristide government in 1998.
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Mrs. Chantal Hyppolite for the photo of her father Chenon Michel that we added to our page.


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