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Bay kou blye, pote mak sonje

.Jacques Stephen Alexis.
Kenol Aurelus
Gerard Augustin
Brinache Adolphe

Lucette Ambroise
(née Lafontant)
She was the sister of Monsignor Joseph Lafontant, Bishop of Port-Au-Prince. She was married to Jean-Jacques Dessalines Ambroise
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Roger Aubourg

Jean Jacques Dessalines Ambroise
Born on September 7, 1923, he was a renowned professor at many colleges in Port-au-Prince and leader of the Communist Party PPLN (Parti Populaire pour la Liberation Nationale.). He was arrested on August 3, 1965 and locked in the truck of a car by Lt. Gregoire Figaro who then took him to the police department. He was interrogated and tortured by Capt. Jean Tassy and Elois Maitre and sent to a cell where he died on the same day.
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Jacques Armand
Member of the groupe "Jeune Haiti" (Click on photo)

Max Armand
Member of the groupe "Jeune Haiti" (Click on photo)