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Bay kou blye, pote mak sonje
Frank Seraphin- Director of the Journal Independance in 1955-56 - In 1957 he was elected member of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower House of the Haitian Parliament. On November 20, 1960, he was kidnapped by a group of Tonton Macoutes (Literally translated "bogeymen", the name given to Duvaliers' militia and secret Police) under the command of Elois Maitre. He was never to be seen again.

Marie Therese Feval Arrested and interrogated in Casernes Dessalines by Col. Albert Pierre - Lt Col. Emmanuel Orcel - Transfered to Fort-Dimanche and shortly after, she was executed on March 25, 1976

Gladyse Jean-Francois.

Lescouflair Jean-Marie.

L. Clerier

Alix Lamaute

Lenert Livert Alias Ti-Coq "little Rooster

A college student who grew up in Port Salut, he participated with Mrs Madeleine Dominique Paillere in an aplhabetization project in Port-au-Prince and gave several years of his life to the emancipation of the masses. He was arrested in 1969, interrogated at Casernes Dessalines by Capt. Emmanuel Orcel and Gen Breton Claude, then transferred to Fort-Dimanche the same year. Locked up in cell # 5, he held on 7 years, but perished on July 7, 1976-



Albert Samedy Arrested in 1964 and led to Port Au Prince - Interogated by Francois Duvalier

Joseph Roney

Marc Romulus Member of the PUCH- he was arrested in 1976. Kept in Casernes Dessalines in solitary confinement during the questioning period. Interrogated by Col. Jean Valme, Lt Col Albert Pierre, and lt Col Emmanuel Orcel in Casernes Dessalines he was sent to Fort-Dimanche.