1963. Another traumatizing year for the Haitian people. Acts of political repression, arson and murder  instigated by President Duvalier's merciless Tonton Macoutes,  increased exponentially to the extent that theUnited States naval force stood at alert in international waters off Haiti, ready to evacuate the American living there when the situation deteriorated further. During the early hours of one April morning, Jean was summoned by a group of the Duvalier henchmen to step out of his house and told his wife Winifred to stay put inside.  Jean went out and, according to one of versions, was immediately executed by a shot in the head. An ambulance came right after and picked up his body, which was never recovered, nor given back to his grieving family.  Jean's widow Winifred Mason escaped to the US embassy in Haiti and returned back to New York. She continued to create and sell their Chenet D' Haiti jewelry. 

More info with an interview of Jacques Chenet one of Jean's brother. http://www.modernsilver.com/chenet/jacqueschenetinterview.htm