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Fred Baptiste
Originally from Jacmel (major city in the South of Haiti), he was known as a fierce opponent of the Duvalier regime who dedicated his entire life to ending the dictatorship. His struggle was punctuated by several attempts to overthrow the administration, which ended with his arrest in April 1970. Incarcerated in Fort-Dimanche since then, he later died on July 19, 1975, cell 1.
Clément Barbot.
Once Duvalier's damned alter ego and hen chman who had turned against his master over a money issue and/or a power struggle. He fell prey to the infernal regime that he masterminded.
Harry Barbot

Rosette Bastien

Max Belmeau

Alphonse Bazile
Jean F. Brierre
Antioche Benoit
Alex Bain
Gerald Brisson.
Feb 10, 1936 - June 2, 1969
In the struggle against the dictatorship of Francois Duvalier, he was betrayed by one of his comrades, Frank Essalenne (Charli). On June 2, 1969, Gerald was assassinated in Delmas in a surprised attack launched by the army in the house where he was staying. Everyone in the house got killed in the process.

Capt Max Bazelais

Capt. Jose Borges (Sony)

Daniel Josue Bernard

Richard Brisson
March 2, 1951- January 1982

Gerald Briere
One of the 13 of "Jeune Haiti"
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Col. Kesner Bonny Blain

Renel Baptiste