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Past Honoree
Gladys Jean Francois

Gladys Jean Francois
Born in June 29, 1948. She grew up in Port-au-Prince with her twelve brothers and sisters. She attended school at La Sagesse and later George Marc. She
became an active member of PUCH with two of her brothers, Aimard and Raymond. She was
arrested somewhere in Plaine du Cul de Sac in 1969 and was executed on July 29 of the same year. Her two brothers Aimard and Raymond were also killed during the same year. Gladys left two sons who
were raised by her mother. The oldest Helf Ernest died in 1990 of heart desease, and Waldy Ernest
is alive residing in Florida, USA

Jean Claude Turnier
Arrested at his house in July 1963 and sent to Fort-Dimanche but fortunatelly he was realeased shortly after. He is still among us.
More on the Turnier's family

Guest book entries
...I have spent the entire day on this site, paralyzed to see and read about Fort-Dimanche. As a young girl growing up in Haiti, this subject was omnipresent in conversations held at my house. The amount and content of information is breath taking! It has been a true learning experience for me and I am looking forward to all new entries. Marie-Hélène Calvin
Marie-Hélène Calvin <>
Briarwood, NY USA - Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 15:12:15 (CST)


Gladys Jean Francois .  
Gladys Jean- Francois

June 29, 1948 - July 29, 1969

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